What We Do .

We are committed to our clients to deliver the high quality and responsive service that  they expect. We have leadership qualities, required professional personnel, relevant experience and outfit to match with  our clients’ needs now and in the future. Our range of services are mentioned below:

Our Audit & Assurance practice provides high-quality independent audit and assurance services that transcend beyond conventional reporting.

We spend time and put our best efforts to understand clients’ business and need to be identify the key issues, risks, and opportunities. The senior partners’ review of each engagement helps understand clients’ business scenarios in depth.

Refined over the years, we deploy robust audit methodologies and bring in decades of insightful experience. Our professional people are highly skilled and trained to understand the fundamentals of clients’ business and can handle complexities.  We employ people development programs to stay abreast of key issues, global best practices, and the latest technical updates, be it Accounting Standards, Auditing Standards or Government Laws and Regulations or Regulatory Bodies’ requirements.

Our independent opinion, strong competency, value-added approach and partnership philosophy made us highly respected by our clientele, who range from Government/Public Sector undertakings to listed companies, multinational companies, international NGOs, SMEs, etc.


Audit & Assurance Services include

•  External or Statutory Audit

•  Internal Audit

•  Functional Audit for banks and financial institutions

•  Credit Audit of big borrowers of banks and financial institutions

•  Performance Audit

•  Funds Audit ( Provident Fund Audit, Gratuity Fund Audit, WPPF- Worker Profit Participation Fund Audit)

•  Public Finance Audit

•  Process and Compliance Audit

•  Agreed Upon Procedure Engagement

•  Risk Based Management Audit

•  Other Assurance Services

MABS & J   Partners offers a broad range of tax and advisory services to its clients at both corporate and individual levels. Our Managing Partner Mr. C R Mazumder, FCA, and another Senior Partner Mr. Md. Shahadat Hossain, FCA has a specialization in taxation with experience of more than three decades.  Individuals and corporate houses have been relying on our firm for quality tax statements preparation, representation to tax authorities, and tax planning for many years. We have developed a total tax management capability including company and personal taxes, VAT services, etc. Our approach to tax planning is multi-jurisdictional. We add value by providing specialized taxation solutions and effective business strategies that will build and protect wealth.


Our downtown/branch office is housed with our full Tax Division and is dedicated to providing Tax Advisory Service.


Our Taxation team delivers a full range of service offering including advice on:

•  Corporate and commercial tax planning

•  Tax-effective structuring for small to medium-sized business

•  Group structuring and reorganization (including tax consolidation)

•  International tax planning and structures

•  Transfer pricing issues

•  Year-end tax planning strategies

•  Tax litigation support including prudential solutions

•  Taxation solutions for individuals and executives

•  Preparation, filing, and pleading appeals before the appropriate authority

•  Preparation, filing, and assisting in obtaining exemption/reduced rate certifications

•  Preparation, filing, and assisting in obtaining approval of provident fund, gratuity fund, and pension fund

•  Proactive advice resulting from fast-changing tax legislations


Our taxation expertise and resource ensure that you meet your compliance obligations and get benefits from well-considered tax-planning opportunities.

The forensic and investigation services practice of MABS & J Partners provides solutions to organizations who are facing issues with financial and legal implications in making intelligent informed decisions. A team of combined forensic accounting and investigative skills is formed to provide such specialized service, led by one of our Senior Partners, having membership of Association of Fraud Examiners, USA.

MABS & J Partners has had wide experience in providing “Forensic and Investigation Services” to clients including the country’s ever biggest financial scam in the topmost State-Owned banks

Our services cover:


•  An independent evaluation of loss and damage arising from a breach of contract or tort

•  Providing support in case of litigation or international arbitration and if a professional opinion is required

•  Investigation into and analyzing a claim using knowledge of local business/accounting practices

•  Investigating into and detecting the cause and its effect, when an organization has suffered fraud

•  Detection and discovery of weaknesses in the internal control system and in the approval process

• To report the effect/consequences when an organization is facing bribery & claims or there is suspicion of accounting manipulation or inappropriate/inadequate disclosure

• To investigate into and report on a specific area, when appointed by Bangladesh Securities & Exchange Commission (BSEC), in case an issuer is subject to special audit/investigation by the BSEC

Due Diligence Review


•  Business due diligence

•  Vendor due diligence

•  Acquisition due diligence

•  Tax due diligence

•  Operational due diligence

Business Advisory


MABS & J Partners’ Business Advisory team understands the needs of the business. Whatever the stage of the business cycle, we deliver value-added service to improve the business performance and help achieve the objectives.


Our key areas of service include:


• Business compliance and risk management services

• Business value maximization

• System review and process re-engineering

• Sustainability analysis

• Strategic planning

• Financial diagnostic analysis

• Cash flows and profitability analysis

• Risk insurance planning

• Business succession planning

Accounting & Financial Consultancy

• Preparation of accounting manual

• Preparation of internal control manual

• Preparation of operational manual

• Assistance in maintenance of required books and records

• Preparation of Financial Statements

• Financial forecasting

• Business feasibility studies

• Share & business evaluations, cash flow charts, projections, and budgetary services

• Liquidation, bankruptcy, mergers, and acquisitions

• Finance function outsourcing

• Appropriate long-term investment strategies

• Wealth accumulation plan

• Portfolio monitoring and review service

Management Consultancy


MABS & J Partners understands the needs of the organization. We deliver value-added services to improve the organization’s performance and help achieve the objectives.

Our management consulting services include:


• Strategic planning and strategic reviews including the development of strategy or direction for whole business operation

• Business process improvements and business re-engineering

• Operational and financial process improvement reviews including advising and implementation of operational and organizational change

• Financial modeling, operational cost reviews, pricing services, and costing applications for organization and project evaluation

• Diagnostic analysis and evaluation of transactions and business processes including risk assessments and best practice recommendations

• Analysis and re-design of workflows and processes in order to improve business management strategies and profitability

• Cost savings and efficiency reviews

• Management reporting and budgetary control reviews


Business Succession Consultancy


• Retain ownership but employ a short-term or long-term external manager

• Transfer ownership

• Sell part of or all of the business

• Liquidate or wind up the business


In every case of business succession, due consideration is given to tax implications, operational and legal issues, management succession, and equity succession. At the same time, such succession should avoid disrupting service delivery, cash flow, and profitability. Whichever path is chosen, it helps to draw on the advice and experience of a business succession team.

Information System Audit & Advisory


Information System/ Information Technology is now most talked about and proper/desired service, which is scarce in the country. “Vision 2020” goal and “Digital Bangladesh” inspired MABS & J Partners to form a team of IT qualified & experienced personnel to provide services on the following technical aspects:

System and Applications: to verify that the system and applications are appropriate, efficient, and adequately controlled to ensure valid, reliable, timely and secured input processing and output at all levels of a system’s activity.

Information Processing Facilities: to verify that the processing facility is controlled to ensure timely, accurate and efficient processing of applications under normal and potentially disruptive conditions.

System Development: to verify that the system under development meet the objectives of the organization and to ensure that the system is developed in accordance with generally accepted standards in this respect.

Management of IT and Enterprise Architecture: to verify that IT management has developed an organizational structure and procedure to ensure a controlled and efficient environment for information processing.

Initial Public Offering (IPO) & Capital Market related services


• Advising on preparation of Financial Statements as per requirements of BSEC

• Assist Issue Manager for preparation of Prospectus

• Certification of various information related to IPO

• Audit of Financial Statements

• Help Management in explaining rules, regulations, procedure and compliance requirements of BSEC IPO related works

• Other pertinent jobs related to issuance of Right Shares

Corporate Secretarial Services


Our experience and in-depth knowledge regarding issues relating to corporate laws allow us to offer a broad range of services in the following areas:

• Company formation

• Branch, or representative Office establishment

• Statutory periodical returns submission

• Registration of partnerships, trusts, societies and foundation

• Drafting notices and minutes for all types of statutory meetings

• Maintenance of statutory records

• Drafting all types of business related agreements

• Preparation and filing of all documents under the corporate laws

• Preparation, filing and obtaining approval of prospectus and statement in lieu of Prospectus

• Obtaining Export Registration Certificate (ERC) and Import Registration Certificate (IRC)

• Obtaining permission for foreign expatriate from BIDA and other competent authorities

We also work as outsourced service provider for full range of company secretarial services.

Payroll & Outsourcing:

•  Preparation of periodical and annual financials

•  Preparation and submission of returns to regulators

•  Preparation and submission of Tax and VAT returns

•  Handling of Provident Fund (PF), Gratuity Fund (GF)

•  Handling of Statutory Auditors

•  Assistance for Investment

•  Payroll services

•  Preparation & Monitoring of annual budget

•  Preparation & Supervision of operating cash flows.